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Build Your Own

How to Make a Pizza Box Solar Oven?

When outdoor cooking comes to mind, most people think of grills or a campfire. Well, while those are popularly used for outdoor cooking, there’s also a less popular low-cost option – a pizza box solar oven. It’s very suitable for cooking outdoors on a very hot day. So if it’s a sunny afternoon and you want to cook these solar oven recipes for your kids, you should know how to make a pizza solar box oven.
In certain places, campfires are prohibited, and you won’t always have your grill with you. …

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Build Your Own

Simple Homemade Solar Panel Cooker

If you want to upgrade from your pizza box solar oven, we recommend trying to make this homemade solar panel cooker. A simple solar panel cooker is great for cooking small to medium dishes using the sun’s energy. Most of the materials needed to make this solar panel can be found at your local hardware store. Check out the procedure below:
What you need:

Reflective Insulation
Oven roasting bag
Canning Jar with lid
Ink marker
Large paper clip
Ink marker
Black High Temp BBQ Paint
Tape measure or yardstick

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Build Your Own

Easy DIY Solar Oven

When you really want to start solar cooking but don’t have the budget to buy one yet, then here is an affordable and easy DIY Solar Oven for you! Just make sure to prepare safe and durable materials that can stand the heat of the sun. Check out the materials and procedure below to start:
You will need:

1 sturdy cardboard pizza box (preferably a bigger one)
Pencil or pen
White glue
Black paper
Knife or cutter
Aluminum foil
Plastic wrap
Tape (duct tape and clear tape
A wooden skewer or pencil

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Build Your Own

Building Your Own Parabolic Solar Burner

When most people see a solar burner for the first time, they get intimidated by its structure and design because it looks complicated to assemble. The truth is assembling a solar cooker is as easy as building a beginner Lego set! You just have to follow the instruction manual or look up videos online to guide you. Here are steps in building your own solar cooker:

Lay out all the materials included in your solar kit. For safety reasons, make sure that there no kids running around while assembling the solar cooker.
Start by assembling the stand of the solar cooker.
Place the panels upside down.
Using …

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