Bask on the benefits of the heat of the sun with solar cooking!

Our planet is blessed with plenty of natural resources, and one of them is the sun. That is why Cooking with Solar is here to help you make the most out of the sun’s energy. Solar cooking is an environmentally friendly and inexpensive cooking method wherein you only need the heat of the sun to cook your favorite food! Interested?

Growing up in areas that enjoy plenty of sunshine, I began growing interest in using the earth’s natural resources to improve lives. This is where I developed the passion for solar cooking and begun Cooking with Solar. Solar cooking is one way of utilizing the earth’s natural resources and still enjoy good food.

Other benefits of solar cooking include:

  • Sustainable and ecofriendly

Solar cooking doesn’t emit greenhouse gases, unlike fuels and electricity. There’s no need to worry about it going scarce because it’s totally unlimited!

  • Well-designed solar cookers

Our varied and highly efficient solar cookers are smartly built so that you can use them every season. Plus, you can bring it anywhere.

  • Pocket-friendly

Since you only need the sun’s heat, your electricity or fuel cost will greatly lessen!

  • Healthier and tastier food

Do you know that you can get carcinogens from fuel-cooked food? With solar cooking, you won’t! Plus, your food will taste even better.