5 Best Solar Cooking Books to Buy in 2021

Solar heat indeed has helped thousands or millions of households worldwide in saving ample amounts of energy daily. In fact, there are thousands of Americans who have enjoyed the benefits of solar cooking. However, without the right knowledge on maximizing the benefits of solar heat, people may still have difficulty achieving a sustainable lifestyle. Yes, wrong knowledge can be dangerous. This is why we have listed some of the most informational and exciting books about solar cooking in this article. Find the 5 best solar cooking books available online below.

Best Books About Solar Cooking

Here are some books that can be quite helpful if you want to expand your knowledge about solar cooking:

1. Solar Cookers

Doctor Ashok Kundapura wrote this masterpiece. It talks about the historical development and solar cooker types. The book includes twelve chapters that mainly talk about indirect cooking, trending designs, construction pieces of advice, heat retention, technology, and history.

2. Cooking with Sunshine

Rick Palkovic and Lorraine Anderson wrote this. The informative book primarily explains everything the reader needs to know about solar cooking, such as:

  • Instructions on how to build their own solar cookers using easy-to-find and affordable materials
  • Information on how and where to find ready-made solar cookers
  • Clear and easy-to-understand explanations regarding solar cooking and how it works
  • Benefits of solar cooking versus traditional cooking methods
  • Multitudes of main dishes recipes, desserts, and accompaniments that are best cooked using solar heat
  • Several options for super-easy and exciting recipes for beginner cooks

3. Heaven’s Flame

This 144-page, incredibly written book provides a comprehensive detail to the solar cooking world. This is actually written by the iconic Joseph Radabaugh, who systematically sorted chapters about detailed solar cooking instructions and cardboard cooker instructions. This book is already available on Amazon.

4. Solar Cooking

This is actually a ninety-six-page book that talks about vegetarian recipes. Vegetarians would indeed love how Harriet Kofalk, the book’s author, systematically elaborates her cooking tips and construction plans.

5. Haybox Cooking

Numerous types of Haybox solar cookers are utilized widely. This actually saves the amount of time that is supposed to be spent on fuel collection. This method can save up to thirty to fifty percent of fuel consumption too. Moreover, Haybox cooking also helps minimize deforestation. The primary purpose of the reading material is to encourage readers to shift to Haybox cooking and conserve fuel as much as they possibly could. Aside from that, the book also talks about various Haybox cooker designs and some creative recipes that are best cooked using a Haybox cooker.

Final Words

These creatively written books are intended to educate readers about the benefits of solar cooking. Moreover, some writers also promoted their cooking tips to encourage readers to shift from traditional cooking to more efficient cooking methods.

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