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Building Your Own Parabolic Solar Burner

When most people see a solar burner for the first time, they get intimidated by its structure and design because it looks complicated to assemble. The truth is assembling a solar cooker is as easy as building a beginner Lego set! You just have to follow the instruction manual or look up videos online to guide you. Here are steps in building your own solar cooker:

  1. Lay out all the materials included in your solar kit. For safety reasons, make sure that there no kids running around while assembling the solar cooker.
  2. Start by assembling the stand of the solar cooker.
  3. Place the panels upside down.
  4. Using the tools included in the solar cooker kit, attach these panels together. Usually, there are six panels in a solar kit.
  5. Attach the brackets and shorter bolts on the third hole from the center of the solar panels.
  6. Next, slip the ring on the brackets then secure it using the longer bolts.
  7. Get the castor wheels and attach these to the stand.
  8. Take the cross-like rod of the solar burner then insert it slantly on the hole found in the middle of the attached solar panels.
  9. Insert the arms of the cross-like rod on the two holes of the brackets.
  10. Lift up your solar cooker then place it on top of the stand.
  11. Mount the remaining bracket on the stand and the head of the solar cooker. Adjust the bracket to the angle that you like most.
  12. Secure the rods by inserting longer bolts on the holes and make the necessary adjustments.
  13. Insert the remaining stand at the center front. Now, secure it with bolts.
  14. Lastly, attach the pot receptacles. Congratulations on building your own solar cooker!

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