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Easy DIY Solar Oven

When you really want to start solar cooking but don’t have the budget to buy one yet, then here is an affordable and easy DIY Solar Oven for you! Just make sure to prepare safe and durable materials that can stand the heat of the sun. Check out the materials and procedure below to start:

You will need:

  • 1 sturdy cardboard pizza box (preferably a bigger one)
  • Pencil or pen
  • Ruler
  • White glue
  • Black paper
  • Knife or cutter
  • Aluminum foil
  • Plastic wrap
  • Tape (duct tape and clear tape
  • A wooden skewer or pencil


  1. With a pencil and ruler, draw a square on top of the pizza box about 1 inch inward from the edge.
  2. Cut the three sides of the square. Do not cut the side where the hinge of the box is located.
  3. Open the cut areas and neatly fold the uncut side of the square.
  4. Glue the aluminum foil inside the cardboard flap. You can glue or tape the excess foil on the other side of the flap.
  5. Using a plastic wrap, cover the opening of the lid and use a duct tape to seal the edges. If you used different sheets, use clear tape to seal the gaps.
  6. Glue the inside of the box with foil.
  7. Tape or glue black paper to the bottom of the box. You may need more black paper if your box is too large.
  8. Prop up the flap of your pizza box in 90 degrees by taping the wooden skewer or pencil on the sides.
  9. You now have a simple and easy-to-make solar oven made out of a pizza box!

Note that aside from pizza boxes, you can also use those big brown cardboard boxes to make it more durable. Other items that you will need for this solar cooker include thermometers, trivets, and oven gloves.

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