Solar Cookers Reviews

Solar Cookers Reviews

All Season Solar Cooker

Since the hot summer sun is not always around, people living in non-tropical countries ask if it’s even worth trying solar cooking. Fortunately, the All-Season Solar Cooker (ASSC) is here to address that concern! The ASSC is a bright yellow panel cooker that uses two large bowls. Here are its key features:

It is light weight and has a portable design that can easily be stored wherever I go.
It also comes with an instruction manual and 6 sets of nuts and bolts for easy assembling.
True to its name, the ASSC can cook really well even during winter. Its wooden sun dial helps me align my solar cooker to get the…

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Solar Cookers Reviews

All American Sun Oven

For me, nothing can beat the All-American Sun Oven in all-around solar cooking! Discover why below:

I can cook, bake, dehydrate, and boil large amounts of food and water because of its large size.
Its temperature range is from 350° – 400° F.
It has three racks, parchment paper, two pieces each of loaf pans and easy stacking pans w/ enamel and glass lids, and a WAPI.
It has sun track indicators!
The glass lid is thicker, and this increases insulation and safety.
The stabilizer bar increases wind resistance.
Includes a built-in thermometer to check the oven’s …

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Solar Cookers Reviews

Sport Solar Oven

There are so many things that I love about the rebranded Solavore Sport Solar Oven that amplifies my cooking sessions! Here are some of the reasons:

With its 10” round pots, I can cook two meals at once!
Reflectors are optional because of their efficient insulation design with temperatures ranging from 210° to 300°.
The Solavore only weighs 10 lbs, and it doesn’t tip over easily. It also has a water pasteurization indicator (WAPI) and user manual recipes.
Its removable top …

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