Day: December 25, 2020


Where Is the Best Place to Do Solar Cooking?

Location plays a vital role when you want to start solar cooking. Ideally, countries that are near the equator get the best benefits. However, that doesn’t mean that countries with colder temperatures cannot do solar cooking anymore. Remember that solar cookers can still function even with the changing seasons. Here are the places that are ideal for solar cooking:
1. Countries with tropical climate
Example of these countries are Indonesia and the Philippines. Since these countries are situated near the equator, the rays of the sun hit them directly. In fact, there are some places in Indonesia that largely…

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Build Your Own

Simple Homemade Solar Panel Cooker

If you want to upgrade from your pizza box solar oven, we recommend trying to make this homemade solar panel cooker. A simple solar panel cooker is great for cooking small to medium dishes using the sun’s energy. Most of the materials needed to make this solar panel can be found at your local hardware store. Check out the procedure below:
What you need:

Reflective Insulation
Oven roasting bag
Canning Jar with lid
Ink marker
Large paper clip
Ink marker
Black High Temp BBQ Paint
Tape measure or yardstick

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