Year: 2021


Cooking with the Sun: Top 3 Solar Oven Recipes

There’s nothing you can’t cook with solar ovens. May it be for boiling, stewing, steaming, or baking, a solar oven is very convenient and can do just about anything.
A solar oven is composed of a cooking pot and reflector system. The setup will utilize the sun’s rays to produce heat, allowing you to cook.
Here are the top 3 best solar oven recipes that will make you realize that nothing beats the feeling of having a delicious meal with the sun’s life-rays:
Gluten-Free Peanut Butter with Chocolate Chip Cookies
Prep time: 10 minutes…

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Solar Cookers Reviews

All Season Solar Cooker

Since the hot summer sun is not always around, people living in non-tropical countries ask if it’s even worth trying solar cooking. Fortunately, the All-Season Solar Cooker (ASSC) is here to address that concern! The ASSC is a bright yellow panel cooker that uses two large bowls. Here are its key features:

It is light weight and has a portable design that can easily be stored wherever I go.
It also comes with an instruction manual and 6 sets of nuts and bolts for easy assembling.
True to its name, the ASSC can cook really well even during winter. Its wooden sun dial helps me align my solar cooker to get the…

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